2022 ThinkNW Marketing All-Star: Brittany Fero, CEO & Founder of PB&

We are pleased to announce the 2022 class of ThinkNW Marketing All-Stars, a peer-nominated award recognizing excellence in marketing in the region. Our goal is to shine a light on the people driving growth in the industry and contributing to the regional brand and marketing ecosystem.

We reached out to our honorees from 2002 to learn more about their work, lives, and what the Pacific Northwest means to them.

Here’s what Brittany Fero, CEO & Founder of PB&, had to say:

How long have you been in your current role?

Five years.

What do you value most in your work in this role, and what do you consider your biggest accomplishment in your current role?

I took the leap out of agency life to create one of my own that challenged the definition of how an agency can operate. My biggest accomplishment is passing the 5-year mark with killer work, longstanding clients, and a talented group of peers that make us better every day.

What do you like to do outside of your work?

I love to see the world through a kid’s eyes. I’m a mom of two young boys, and that offers me the opportunity to not just stay up on culture but also to be reminded of the beautiful simplicity things offer and a renewed sense of curiosity. Besides that, I love traveling and am an avid sports fan. You’ll catch me at most games. #GoHawks

What impact does the Pacific Northwest have on your work?

The Pac NW is a place of possibility. The open-mindedness that exists here allows me to think differently and consistently exposes me to new ideas and new creative people. Here, it’s really true that creativity comes in so many forms and that diversity can shape the next chapter of innovation, creativity, and marketing both in talent and solutions. The collective desire to play outside of work and enjoy the surroundings — be that music, food, or the outdoors — also feeds my creative brain.

How would you characterize the Pacific Northwest marketing/creative community? In your mind, what makes it unique?

It’s diverse. When I think about the creative community, it’s much bigger than marketing, and that’s a great thing. I also think the marketing community here is one that is not afraid to challenge convention. So many companies have created new games that only they can win, and I think this area of the country breeds that type of thinking.

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