ThinkNW Marketing All-Star Profile: David Veneski, Marketing Director, Global Partner Marketing at Intel

We’re pleased to announce our first class of ThinkNW Marketing All-Stars. Chosen by the ThinkNW board and executive team, this program kicks off a tradition of recognizing the unique marketing talent that drives our industry and region forward.

We asked our honorees to share a bit about their work, lives and what the Pacific Northwest means to them.

Here’s what David Veneski, Marketing Director, Global Partner Marketing at Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon, had to say.

How long have you been in your current role?

Five years.

What do you value most in your work in this role, and what do you consider your biggest accomplishment in your current role?

The opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. My role is customer-facing and global. The diversity of talent that I’m exposed to every day is incredible. I have the pleasure of interfacing with marketers across the technology industry that are creative, innovative and creating campaigns that help drive the compute ecosystem forward, with Intel as the foundation.

Five years ago, we decided to evolve an industry-leading co-marketing program (The Intel Inside Program) to help be better for our customers and Intel. Suffice to say, changing a 30-year-old, foundational marketing program is scary and hard. Over the last five years, I can genuinely say we’ve improved the standard for co-marketing and made it even more impactful for our partners and Intel. I’m proud of the team that led that change and has ensured we continue to be an industry leader.

What do you like to do outside of your work?

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids. We’re a blended family and, together, my wife Ali and I have three kids ages 11, 12 and 14. Their school and sports activities keep us running, and we enjoy being active participants in their lives. I’m a sports fanatic (Go Ducks!) and a serial home remodeler.

Two years ago, we moved into a home that will likely carry us through our kids’ high school years, and we’ve been making improvements to it over the last year that we’re looking forward to enjoying for many years to come. I’m a fitness nut and am religious about my workouts, so you’ll often find me spinning or lifting after a long day of meetings. Ali and I enjoy cooking together, and we spend a lot of time with the kids out by our pool in the summer. We also have two crazy Viszla’s (Nelli and Remi) that round out our family.

What impact does the Pacific Northwest have on your work?

The PNW is a lifestyle we’ve chosen. I grew up in Eugene, and Ali grew up in Portland. This is home. After college, I left for a few years to work in the Silicon Valley and quickly realized that I missed Oregon and the lifestyle it provided. I’ve been fortunate to have a long and rewarding run at Intel. Being Oregon’s largest technology employer, Intel has allowed me to continue to grow my career without having to leave Portland.

Portland and the PNW is a region with more of a sense of balance than I see in other areas of the country. I appreciate the fast pace of NYC and the innovation of the Valley, but I’m always glad to be home after a week’s worth of travel across the country or out to other regions of the world. The talent in Portland is underrated, as is the lifestyle, as evidenced by the people flocking here over the last two to five years. With our evolving work routines (remote work), it’s a destination region that facilitates stimulating work with a healthy balance of ‘life’ outside of the office.

How would you characterize the Pacific Northwest marketing/creative community? In your mind, what makes it unique?

Evolving Excellence. Throughout my 22 years at Intel, I have had the opportunity to work with agencies big and small—both in Portland and in other major cities in the U.S. Some of the most creative and open people I’ve had the pleasure to work with have been in Portland. There’s an energy of creativity that comes with living in the Pacific Northwest.

I believe you get the best results from people that have the opportunity to step away from their desks, get into nature and refresh, and come back with ideas they might not have if they are subject to a typical ‘big city’ grind. People come to the Pacific Northwest because of what it has to offer: diversity of outdoor experiences (where else can you ski year-round, visit the beach, enjoy world-class rivers and experience the high desert all within two hours), some of the best culinary and wine experiences in the world, have a strong sense of ‘community’ balanced with the ability to earn a fair wage with companies that are titans of industry like Intel and Nike. That’s what makes the PNW and especially the city I call home, Portland, unique.

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