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Advancing the Business Impact of Bold Creative Thinkers

ThinkNW is a next-generation organization and community unifying Pacific Northwest advertising, marketing and media professionals, students and talent.

We believe that:

  • Inclusion and equity are imperative
  • Being big fans of the Pacific Northwest and in service to its community is our responsibility
  • It’s important to demonstrate why creativity and innovation are clear business advantages
  • Ambition needs accountability—and vice versa
  • We should always unite and champion the Pacific Northwest’s most precious resource: our talent
  • No matter where you are on your journey, you’re welcome here
  • It’s time to build new traditions and raise the Pacific Northwest’s visibility​

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The Focus Is On You

ThinkNW drives our region in three key areas:

Growth at All Levels

From senior to starting out, we help your people and business grow

Unifying the Community

We're building a home for the PNW marketing and creative industry

Member + Partner Visibility

Getting you noticed within the PNW, nationally and beyond is a priority

What’s New

Upcoming Events & Experiences

Join the Community

We’re building a powerful industry community for the Pacific Northwest

We’re all about blazing new trails here. And ThinkNW’s mission—advancing the business impact of bold creative thinkers—is built with a dynamic, diverse community.


Network with your peers at fun, diverse events.


Engage with the PNW ad community online: events, jobs, news, networking, messages, and more!


Grow your knowledge base and keep up with industry trends at educational events.

Join us to open up a world of possibilities. Connect with other members. Build a network of Pacific Northwest talent and leadership. Grow your career and business.