Become a Sponsor

ThinkNW sponsorships are flexible, customized and designed to reach our growing community across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

Partners can support:

  • In-person events and experiences
  • Online opportunities, including:
    • Live learning sessions
    • Webinars
    • Branded content
    • Awards and honors
  • Digitally-delivered intelligence such as:
    • Research
    • Whitepapers
    • Other industry-critical topics

Inclusive, year-long or multi-year partnerships include higher visibility, premium event and experience sponsorship and more.

In-Person Event and Experiences Opportunities:

  • ThinkNW Open golf tournament
  • Extremely Happy Hours in Pacific Northwest markets
  • ThinkNW Marketing All-Stars (Seattle and Portland)
  • Gaming Brunch (Seattle, Fall 2023)
  • Creative Awards (Summer 2024)
  • Bespoke events created with partners

Online Opportunites:

  • ThinkNW Now LinkedIn Live sessions
  • Logo remix
  • Industry Impact Partners programs and Day of Giving (November 2023)
  • ThinkNW Marketing All-Stars (December 2023)
  • ThinkNW Pet of the Year (Fall 2023)
  • Partner-created content series, research and whitepapers

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