2022 ThinkNW Marketing All-Star: Dena Lowery, President of Opus Agency

We are pleased to announce the 2022 class of ThinkNW Marketing All-Stars, a peer-nominated award recognizing excellence in marketing in the region. Our goal is to shine a light on the people driving growth in the industry and contributing to the regional brand and marketing ecosystem.

We reached out to our honorees to learn more about their work, lives, and what the Pacific Northwest means to them.

Here’s what Dena Lowery, President of Opus Agency, had to say:

How long have you been in your current role?

I have been the Chief Operating Officer for seven years and President for 60 days.

What do you value most in your work in this role, and what do you consider your biggest accomplishment in your current role?

I highly value collaborating with the executive team to create growth opportunities and advancements for our agency’s team. My biggest accomplishment so far as President is seeing team members quoting me in their LinkedIn posts because they resonate with my vision and approach to fostering a sense of belonging. That means a lot to me.

What do you like to do outside of your work?

I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Portland, which is a rarity these days, so we have the privilege of having close connections with good friends and family. Gardening is another activity I love. It’s relaxing and helps clear my mind, allowing creativity to flow.

What impact does the Pacific Northwest have on your work?

The presence of large brands and creative agencies in the Pacific Northwest has fostered the growth of excellent startups, and the lifestyle of the region attracts top talent.

How would you characterize the Pacific Northwest marketing/creative community? In your mind, what makes it unique?

The Pacific Northwest marketing/creative community exudes authenticity in the way we live and work, and this authenticity resonates with clients worldwide. We are known for our fierce creativity, yet we remain approachable.

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