January Logo Remix: Olivia Stephens Brings Pacific Northwest Textures Home

Every month we collaborate with creative talent in the PNW to participate in our Logo Remix. Olivia Stephens, Illustrator and Graphic Novelist based in Seattle, helped us kick off 2024 with her twist on our Logo Remix. 

Recently winning an Ignatz Award for her graphic novel, Darlin’ and Her Other Names, Olivia’s work is recognized for its ability to storytell and to leave an artistic impact. Her take on our logo demonstrates these skills, as she shares her interpretation of ThinkNW’s tie to our Pacific Northwest community environment. 

“… I feel like I gravitate towards the textures of the natural landscape around here. That’s what makes me feel like home is just this incredibly unique, mossy, enigmatic place with a lot of really dramatic natural sights. And so that’s how I personally connect to the Pacific Northwest.”

Olivia Stephens

Learn more about Olivia’s approach to our Logo Remix, her award-winning work, and her upcoming projects and endeavors for 2024. 

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