December Logo Remix: 2023 Recap

For the month of December, we decided to get nostalgic and celebrate 2023’s Logo Remixes and the insanely talented artists we were fortunate enough to work with. We hope you enjoy 2023’s Logo Remix renditions as much as we do. 

All of our artists’ information is provided under their portrait. Please support them and check out their work!

January 2023: Gabby Nguyen

Gabby’s Info:

February 2023: Kayla Dunham-Torres

Kayla’s Info:

March 2023: Jordan Boyd

Jordan’s Info:

April 2023: Helday de la Cruz

Helday’s Info:

May 2023: Steph Littlebird

Steph’s Info:

June 2023: Haley Brown

Haley’s Info:

July 2023: Hayden Stern

Hayden’s Info:

November 2023: Sharmila Akula

Sharmila’s Info:

A huge thank you to all the amazing artists who turned our logo into unique works of art.

Happy December and here’s to more great work in 2024!


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