December 2022 Logo Remix: Gabi Gonzalez-Yoxtheimer

Every month, we invite a new artist to take the ThinkNW logo and make it their own. We asked Gabi Gonzalez-Yoxtheimer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Bellingham, Washington, for their take on the December logo.

How did you initially want to approach your interpretation of the ThinkNW logo? What were your thoughts and inspiration?

My initial approach to redesigning the ThinkNW logo was to pull from a mix of childhood fantasy and lush PNW greenery. Many of my positive memories growing up in Washington were being outside rain or shine with my family. We were constantly doing something new, but my favorite spots have always been lakes or the ocean. I love how water makes someone feel small enough to notice all the life around them.

How did the direction in designing the ThinkNW logo evolve/change over time?

One of the main aspects that I wanted to experiment with was perspective. Viewing the sky through water was an idea I had right away while everything else fell into place.

What are some of the specific elements in the ThinkNW logo design that you feel are unique/cool/fun (i.e., palette, illustration, overall style)?

An interesting aspect of this redesign is the motion from the boat, tadpoles, and water. It creates that push and pull of the current. Art Nouveau framing is a style that I am constantly taking inspiration from.

When did you know that art was something that you wanted to pursue?

Drawing snuck up on me. It was always a hobby until it turned into a passion. In late high school, I drew every day and took classes in Graphic Design at the local community college. All I wanted was to be involved in the creative world and support other people’s ideas.

What are your biggest inspirations in your art (i.e., people, places, things)?

A major influence in my work is a combination of my childhood and my Mexican American heritage. I believe our past is something that should always be reviewed. Especially those early memories before you become sour with acne and the internet. Including the history of my family allows their lives to continue living and breathing with renewed appreciation.

Do you think that you have a style? If so, how would you describe it? If not, why is that?

My style uses a lot of mixed media influence even though most of it has a digital origin. In university, I got a double degree in Fine Art and Design, which gave me ways of fusing the two. Chatter is a term used in block printing to describe the texture of a solid color that is no longer solid due to cuts and accidental mark making. I love the way chatter makes my work feel full and gritty.

What is most important to you when expressing your art?

Storytelling through my art is something that I take great pride in. Yes, I would prefer it to be pretty, however, it isn’t successful if I can’t feel the layers of meaning.

Where do you feel your art is going next?

One day, I would like to see my art in picture books, book covers, and magazines. My work is like wine needing to be paired with a meal. A story that needs a view.

Learn more about Gabi Gonzalez-Yoxtheimer and their work:   /  LinkedIn  /   Instagram

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