Celebrating Seattle: November Logo Remix

What an exciting way to celebrate the beginning of a new month with the start of our Logo Remix Live Reveals. Every month, we pick a talented creative to put their spin on our logo to showcase the insane artistic power that comes from the Pacific Northwest. 

November’s Remix pays homage to Seattle, the very first interpretation dedicated to Emerald City and the very first animated Remix. 

Sharmila Akula, a Visual and Motion Designer based in Washington, walked us through her journey as a creative and her inspiration behind her Logo Remix. 

The theme of hope intertwines Sharmila’s story as an artist and the inspiration behind the Logo Remix:

“…people around me always saw something in me and believed in me that I could do something in the creative field… So I moved to the US in 2015 [and] pursued my Master’s in motion media. And yeah, it has taken a good turn.”

Now working as a Visual Designer at Microsoft, Sharmila uses her passions and background in calligraphy, AI, and UI UX to guide the work she creates. 

For the Remix, the dark monochromatic colors that contrast with the bright radiance of the sun reflect Seattl’s essence: a hub of opportunity and escape to greenery.  

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Check out Sharmila’s PortfolioEtsy Shop, and LinkedIn

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