Creative For Good: Drake Cooper’s Campaign Tackles Idaho’s Fentanyl Crisis

Drake Cooper’s positioning is simple: We Build Brands for the Ambitious. The Boise shop excels not simply for consumer brands—and had a critically important hand in creating a breakthrough work to address Idaho’s fentanyl crisis.

“All it Takes Is Everything” is a multi-platform campaign designed to tackle everything head-on and ensure that it reflects the realities of Idaho. 

“In advertising, there’s a famous saying around agencies: ‘We’re not saving lives,’ [to keep the industry] in perspective,” says Mindy Stomp, Drake Cooper CEO. “But in this case, we had an opportunity to really do that. And so I think people felt [responsible for bringing] something meaningful to Idaho.”

“It’s a heavy topic,” adds John Drake, Drake Cooper president. “We really wanted to make sure that everybody who worked on it at the agency was okay when they were working on it.”

Indeed, going through the process can be emotionally trying, but the rewards and impact are worth it—and the campaign was chosen as the ThinkNW Marketing All-Stars Brand Marketing Campaign of the Year. 

“This campaign stood out to us big-time,” says Britt Fero, ThinkNW board member and founder of PB& in Seattle. “I got this on the committee’s radar right away because I saw that it was doing much more than ‘advertising.'” 

Join Mindy, John and ThinkNW executive director Doug Zanger as they dig into ‘All it Takes Is Everything,’ including:

  • Setting up the campaign
  • The assignment from the State of Idaho
  • Managing the emotions of challenging subject matter
  • The creative process and iterations of the creative
  • The campaign’s results
  • The agency’s reactions to the work’s importance

Additionally, we learned more about Drake Cooper, its history and the vibrant nature of Boise’s creative community. 

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