August Logo Remix: Max Mason

Every month, we invite a new artist to take the ThinkNW logo and make it their own. For our August Logo Remix, we asked Troutdale native and Portland Trailblazers super-fan, Max Mason, to reimagine our brand.

How did you initially want to approach your interpretation of the ThinkNW logo? What were your thoughts and inspiration?

I wanted to find commonalities between my personal interests and the themes that come into mind when I think of the Pacific Northwest. For being home with some of the biggest sports brands and my love for sneakers, I thought there would be potential going in that direction.

How did the direction in designing the ThinkNW logo evolve/change over time?

I went through multiple iterations for the logo illustration. At first, I was playing around with basketballs and concrete courts before getting the idea of sneakers. I then tried to make the illustration more dynamic by incorporating a broader color palette and shading.

What are some of the specific elements in the ThinkNW logo design that you feel are unique/cool/fun (i.e., palette, illustration, overall style)?

For me, I love the text reimagined into shoelaces! It was difficult to obtain loose lace-like letterforms while keeping the readability clear. I very much enjoyed the process and was satisfied with the way it turned out.

When did you know that art was something that you wanted to pursue?

I knew I wanted to pursue design after my sophomore year of high school. I used to edit my own sports photos with apps on my phone and didn’t think much of it until I took a media application class. Once I played around with Photoshop, I fell in love and realized I could make a career out of it.

What are your biggest inspirations in your art (i.e., people, places, things)?

I would say specific moments inspire me the most. I try to recreate feelings and the essence from experiences. Especially working in sports. For example, if a player hits a home run, I’m motivated to make work that captures the energy of that play even though the viewer is seeing it through a screen.

Do you think that you have a style? If so, how would you describe it? If not, why is that?

Kinda. It’s tough for me to describe my overall style in words. I’m very experimental with my work and I try to base each piece on its context. For the most part, I would say my art has a lot of movement, texture, and dark color palettes.

What is most important to you when expressing your art?

The feeling and freedom to be spontaneous are most important to me when expressing my art. It’s liberating to be able to execute ideas the way you originally thought out. Overall, it’s very fulfilling.

Where do you feel your art is going next?

I want to continue to work in sports and learn new skills/mediums. This past year I dabbled with some freelance projects here and there and I might push it more during my job’s offseason.

Learn more about Max and his work here.

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