This Resume and LinkedIn Refresher Can Revamp Your Career Search

Eight seconds. 

This sentence you’re reading at this very moment is the average time recruiters spend on candidates’ resumes. 

Think about that for a moment. That’s a minute amount of time, especially considering that you’ve likely spent hours and hours on your resume—and years building a career. 

It’s not all a recruiter’s fault, though. It’s the way the system has changed over the years. Yet, there are plenty of ways to refresh your resume and how you show up on LinkedIn that can give you an edge. 

52 Limited has seen it all, and the Portland-based talent firm keeps very close tabs on navigating an increasingly challenging space. 

52 Limited talent wonder-pros Colleen Finn and Crystal Pak joined us to dig into what’s changed and how you can make a few tweaks to break through. 

This ThinkNW Talent Talk is dense with advice and worth rewatching to help you jot down some notes. 

You can watch the full video or jump around the two key sections focused on resumes and LinkedIn best practices. 

Resume Tips—6:11 to 21:03

Topics include:

  • The header section
  • Fitting the job description
  • Using ChatGPT to build keywords
  • Formatting your resume
  • Quantifying your achievements
  • The importance of active language and “swagger”
  • How long should a resume be?

LinkedIn Best Practices—21:04-37:39

Topics include:

  • How recruiters use LinkedIn (and how to use it to your advantage)
  • The importance of the right headline
  • Using bullet points, keywords and settings
  • Networking strategies (and why you should always respond to messages)
  • A couple of good profile examples
  • Staying active, and why that matters to recruiters

Colleen, Crystal, and the rest of the 52 Limited team are always willing to help. You can reach out to them here. 

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