Fore the Love of All That’s Awesome: The ThinkNW Open Wrap

Anyone that puts together a golf tournament (or any event, for that matter), knows that it comes down to the millions of details and syncing everything up. Getting The ThinkNW Open up and running—like a carny ride, super-quick—was no small undertaking. Add in the fact that it was the first in-person event for ThinkNW since its inception, and you figured the pressure was on.

We expected a lot of sprinting and hard work. We also felt pretty sure that people were ready to participate in something other than a Zoom call.

“It can’t be overstated how great it was to be back in person and having fun on a golf course with industry colleagues,” said CMD senior strategist Karl Keating.

Sure, we were optimistic, but what was most rewarding was the next-level outpouring of joy, commitment and pride from the Pacific Northwest’s marketing community. That’s a long way of saying The ThinkNW Open was a massive success. With 220 attendees, we raised over $55,000 for our mission-critical programs.

When we set out to plan this event, we had two goals. First, we wanted to raise money for our small business creative services fund. We also wanted to give people in our industry a chance to get out and network with their peers in a safe and fun space,” said Marc Moran. “I think we can say mission accomplished on both fronts.”

From title sponsor Billups and Small Agency Monday to hole partners dotting Colwood National Golf Course and every other partner in between, this was a golf tournament that had a definite Pacific Northwest feel and continued to connect marketing pros from Portland, Seattle and beyond.

“I could not have been more satisfied with the 2021 ThinkNW Open” said Simone Davis, Director of Brand Marketing at Billups. “As both a sponser and agency member, Billups is proud to have participated as Title Sponsor for this inaugural event supporting independent agencies and small business in the Pacific Northwest. From planning to day-of event, it was a pleasure collaborating with the ThinkNW team. I look forward to 2022!”

“Aside from the obvious in getting people together, what struck me most is how much pride people have in being from this region and understanding the vision that we can build together as ThinkNW,” added Moran. “This was a great event, no question. But, we’re just getting started.”

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