ThinkNW Member Check-In Recap: Portland Garment Factory

Portland Garment Factory’s niche is not having a niche. Founded in 2008, PGF serves the greater Portland community, larger corporations, and everything in-between. Their specialities include prototypes, seeding kits, swag, textile sourcing, retail environments, and much more.

The beauty is that nothing is off the table for brands and agencies looking to make a huge impact with something unique.

We checked in with Britt Howard, Founder of Portland Garment Factory, to go over her favorite projects of the past year, plus some insight on what it takes to excel as a creative and as a business owner. 

In this session, we gained insight on the genius behind Britt’s ability to grow PGF through the ethical standards the company lives by as a B Corp, as well as the care and innovation it takes to create with zero-waste and sustainability always in mind.

Take a look at the full video and takeaways below:

  • 5:068:19 The creation story behind PGF
  • 10:4113:55 Discussing projects in collaboration with Indigenous artist, Marie Watt, plus a Tillamook cheese themed kit
  • 16:5521:56 The process of client work and how intuition comes into play
  • 22:0226:03 PGF’s and Britt’s upcoming projects and opportunities in 2024 

Thank you Britt for joining us to celebrate your growth, and we look forward to another ThinkNW Check-In in the future. 

To learn more, check out Portland Garment Factory’s website and Britt’s LinkedIn

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