Recap: The Pacific Northwest + 2026 FIFA World Cup

An animated image of a soccer player and crowd with American flags.

The 2026 FIFA World Cup is coming to the Pacific Northwest. And there is ample opportunity for brands of every size and stripe.

Karl Keating, CEO and founder of The Perfect Storm LAB and Lauren Anderson, director of the Warsaw Sports Business Center at the University of Oregon, outlined the roadmap to success—and how the Pacific Northwest can leverage a once-in-a-generation moment on the global stage.

Topics included:

  • The state of World Cup marketing at the moment
  • The roadmap of soccer in the United States
  • The unique opportunities and potential for the Pacific Northwest
  • The change from top-down to bubbling up in marketing
  • The importance of environmental and community commitments
  • Leveraging athletes in sports marketing 
  • The changing face of fandom

Watch the full video below or on LinkedIn.

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