Multiple Inspiration Guide February’s Logo Remix

Every month, we collaborate with creative talent in the PNW to participate in our Logo Remix. Ren Strapp, an artist based in Portland, took on this project for February. 

It’s hard not to use the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty as a starting point for creative endeavors. Yet, for Portland artist Ren Strapp, it was the beginning. 

The Maryland native already had an idea of natural beauty. Growing up in a rural part of the Old Line State, Ren experienced the Appalachian mountains, which helped ground the initial thinking of the logo.

“I wanted to capture the mountains,” noted Ren. “That was an important landmark for me. It started with looking at the shape of the ‘n’ and the ‘w’ together and how they create that zigzag squiggle shape. Yeah. And [it reminded me of] a snow line.”

During our conversation, we learned more about Ren, including:

  • The transition to comic art
  • Inspirations and color palette choices
  • Motivation and expression
  • Artistic evolution

Contact info:

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