How Copacino Fujikado Tackles a Bear of a Client Business Problem

Part of ThinkNW’s mission is to raise the visibility of our members and the industry. And there’s no better way than through the work of some of the Pacific Northwest’s best agencies and brands. In this episode of Creative Convos, we caught up with Seattle OG creative powerhouse Copacino Fujikado. 

While Copacino Fujikado may be known for showing us all how baseball marketing is done with the Seattle Mariners, Andrew Gall (Group Creative Director), Vince Soliven (Executive Creative Director), and Chris Copacino (Executive Director of Business Development) came to Creative Convos to discuss a client that came to them with a big challenge that was hungry for a more creative approach. 

Telecommunications company Alaska Communications presented the Copacino Fujikado team with a big business problem: They only had an 11% market share and were being outspent 10:1 by their competitor, who monopolized the region. When you’re going up against that Goliath, how does David make a mark? Copacino Fujikado found the answer—sharp insight and humor relatable to Alaskans. 

Gall, Soliven, and Copacino walk us through their “Unbearable” campaign for Alaska Communications, touching on topics including:

  • Maintaining longevity in creativity
  • The importance of including humor and levity in the advertising process
  • Empowering brands with a pride in the place they’re from 
  • The value of craft that agencies bring to the table for brands

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