Event Recap: ThinkNW Gaming + A.I. Breakfast 

On October 19th, ThinkNW partnered with the UK Department for Business and Trade to host an exclusive breakfast and panel conversation sponsored by Taylor Wessing. Gaming and advertising industry experts gathered at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront for two enriching panel discussions. The first delved into the impact of brands in gaming, and the second unpacked how artificial intelligence has and continues to change our work environment. 

The ThinkNW Gaming + A.I. Breakfast in Seattle

Panel One: The Evolution of Brands in Gaming


Moderator: Brian Karlin, Head of PC and Wireless Advertising Sales at Amazon.

“Today’s gamer is diverse, young, and highly educated, with 40% identifying as a person of color on Twitch.”

Nate Hunt

Connecting to your gaming audience is key to success and standing out within the gaming landscape. Nate and Nathan gave insightful information covering industry trends and marketing strategies, emphasizing the evolving diversity of gamers and the need for authenticity in marketing. 

The gaming industry’s growth and challenged misconceptions were highlighted in the conversation, plus insights on staying on-trend, partnering with influencers, and measuring brand impact. It’s important to find and sustain alignment with brands rather than forcing alignment and relevance within pop-culture moments in gaming. 

An example of a brand’s success story gaining relevance within the gaming community that was shared with attendees was Wendy’s appearance on Fortnite, where Wendy’s found a way to remove all frozen beef from all burger restaurants. 

Nate and Nathan advise newcomers in the industry to start small and authentically engage with the community by understanding that gaming culture is not just a fad but rather an opportunity to learn more about a different subculture. 

Panel Two: Agencies and AI


Moderator: Cindy Fabian, Head of Creative / Media / Sport, Silicon Valley & Pacific Northwest, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

“Some people are fearful of [A.I.], and some people run towards it. And I think those companies that are willing to experiment and run pilots are getting a lot more out of it.”

Julian Douglas

In this conversation about AI’s influence on the UK advertising sector, Julian and Alex delve into the emotions that come with artificial intelligence seizing the industry. There is a delicate equilibrium between human creativity and AI in advertising, which brings a mix of fear and anticipation to the surface of our work environments.

The potential for AI tools to streamline mundane advertising tasks and expedite brand name generation is discussed. AI can complement creativity and assist users in discovering distinctive brand solutions; Moreover, a key point was how AI can assist rather than take specific jobs as it lacks human ingenuity. The conversation covered concerns regarding the swift advancement of AI technology, ethical quandaries, and its implications for creative work. 

This discussion painted a nuanced picture of the complex interplay between technology and creativity in the advertising landscape and AI’s role in shaping human connections, refining market research, and navigating legal issues within the advertising domain. 

When asked about tips for staying relevant, innovative, and ahead of today’s advertising game when approaching artificial intelligence, Julian and Alex advised companies to have curiosity, a balance of healthy skepticism, and humility.

From left: Aisling Conlon, Julian Douglas, Cindy Fabian, Doug Zanger, Alex Scott-Malden

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