Agency Super Session: Why Business First Leads to Better Client Outcomes

What does it take to be a leader in client relationship management? We spoke to Lori Bartle, Founder of Cultivagency, about the skills and understanding needed to collaborate with clients and customers. 

With a background encompassing media sales, buying, planning, and agency account management, Lori’s journey has shaped her understanding of navigating our industry’s complexities. With a blend of hands-on experience and academic rigor, Lori brings a holistic understanding of media dynamics. She’s committed to sharing her insights, empowering others to learn the nuances of the trade.

We learned insights covering Lori’s immersive six-week Building Business Acumen workshop where participants develop a business-centric mindset and discipline to become proactive partners to clients and agency teams. ThinkNW members are granted a 20% discount for the comprehensive six-week journey towards Building Business Acumen! 

Check out the full conversation here, or watch key takeaways below:

  • 2:556:21 Lori discusses her career background and what being in account management means
  • 8:3113:17 The Building Business Acumen Workshop for building client relationship skills
  • 14:4019:10 Being open and honest with clients about key objectives
  • 22:1723:37 What it means to understand and experience a customer

Learn More:

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