Thank you, Vancouver

Hello, Vancouver. You likely knew very little about ThinkNW when we showed up in your city for DesignThinkers.

We get it. We’re kind of new. And since we were late to the sponsorship game for DesignThinkers, we apologize for our lack of merch. But, we enjoyed meeting you in Vancouver.  

A little history and context:

  • We used to be the Portland Advertising Federation.
  • The pandemic slowed things down, and we decided to go bigger and expand our remit to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska.
  • Our mission is a mouthful, but it matters to us: Advancing the Business Impact of Bold Creative Thinkers in the Pacific Northwest.
  • We currently have 70+ corporate members, ranging from agencies to brands and some of the industry’s most talented creative and marketing folks. Members are in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and B.C.
  • We focus on three key areas:
    • Growth for individuals, companies and organizations
    • Unifying the dynamic Pacific Northwest creative and marketing community
    • Raising the visibility of our members and the region within the Pacific Northwest and well beyond
  • We’re publishers and storytellers at heart, with lots of livestreaming around creativity, leadership and marketing. 
  • We also “publish” live events, including happy hours, topically-relevant panel discussions and large-scale events. Our biggest mission is ensuring our members get highlighted constantly.
  • Our biggies include the Cascadia Creative Awards (in our first year), the ThinkNW Open Golf Tournament in Portland this September (our fourth) and the ThinkNW Marketing All-Stars in Seattle this November (we welcome our fourth class this year). 

We’re big Vancouver fans (Canucks included) and would love to share more about ThinkNW and how you can be part of building the mission and Pacific Northwest story. 

Please find some time here (or below); we’re happy to chat with you.

Additionally, as a thank you, DesignThinkers attendees can get a 15% membership discount (for all memberships). Use VAN15 when you check out. Once you sign up, we’ll get with you to walk you through how to maximize membership.